Types of People Portrayed by Minecraft #11

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This is types of people portrayed by minecraft. We showed off some crazy people like the bedwars god and even just god himself. We had someone do some insane tnt jump and some really weird glitches even happened like someone randomly dying. WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO!
▼ Players featured in this episode, thanks everyone!:
(In order of appearance)
DingusAU www.twitch.tv/dingusau
u/4rtui www.reddit.com/user/4rtui/
bransontsn www.twitch.tv/bransontsn
Tfue www.twitch.tv/tfue
Oyong hubuild.info/tv/nw9cVt_urbQkdjPGEGiDlg.html
AverageHarry_ www.twitch.tv/averageharry_
GabeTone0 www.twitch.tv/gabetone0
DudeNamedDrew www.twitch.tv/dudenameddrew
forsen www.twitch.tv/forsen
u/NickChronicle www.reddit.com/user/NickChronicle/
illumina1337 www.twitch.tv/illumina1337
HeyItsBrxce www.twitch.tv/heyitsbrxce
melting_dead www.twitch.tv/melting_dead
infinitythereal__ www.twitch.tv/infinitythereal__
u/Shoddy_Hippo_5088 www.reddit.com/user/Shoddy_Hippo_5088/
Atomic_Avodcados www.twitch.tv/atomic_avocados
Wallibear www.twitch.tv/wallibear
Kweany www.twitch.tv/kweany
yeptshu www.twitch.tv/yeptshu
u/Franqo44 (Account removed?)
xQcOW www.twitch.tv/xqcow
WilliamPapa www.twitch.tv/willliampapa
u/Ok-Description-3288 www.reddit.com/user/Ok-Description-3288/
koneko_kitten www.twitch.tv/koneko_kitten
Wichtiger www.twitch.tv/wichtiger
DinoNuggetsLIVE www.twitch.tv/dinonuggetslive
ImPinoci www.twitch.tv/impinoci
mitchmatch610 www.twitch.tv/mitchmatch610
Mayichi www.twitch.tv/mayichi
Dogcatwhat1 www.twitch.tv/dogcatwhat1
trendzywrld www.twitch.tv/trendzywrld
Newfalco www.twitch.tv/newfalco
Twinkjewinkie www.twitch.tv/twinkiewinkiee/video/987686906
v1nn1eeee www.twitch.tv/v1nn1eeee
u/snekmaster0 www.reddit.com/user/snekmaster0/
AndrewCurtiss www.twitch.tv/andrewcurtiss
xGodRob www.twitch.tv/xgodrob
NotFuture hubuild.info/tv/FuvMmHFV2IFddpKChmpnDA.htmlvideos
Slayproxx www.twitch.tv/slayproxx
Sapnap www.twitch.tv/sapnap
LilLuxio www.twitch.tv/lilluxio
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  1. JD Edições

    JD Edições

    19 perccel

    3:00 best dance!

  2. Eliso Mamporia

    Eliso Mamporia

    3 órája


  3. prematch


    15 órája

    The godbridger one isnt a God bridge lmfaooo

  4. Tod wk

    Tod wk

    20 órája

    shouldn't all shipwrecks be on land since they "wrecked"



    22 órája

    3:08 finally a mcbe player

  6. elijah reshetnikov

    elijah reshetnikov


    I first one I will say jeez

  7. elijah reshetnikov

    elijah reshetnikov



  8. yassin black ninja

    yassin black ninja


    استغفر الله

  9. Lex Hebat

    Lex Hebat


    The reality clips: teleport to backroom

  10. Freddy fassbear Crew

    Freddy fassbear Crew


    He killed a FOXXXX!!!!!!!

  11. Sammallistick


    2 napja

    “You push me off a chair I’ll push you off a Cruze -Sammallistick 2021

  12. Blotzzyy


    2 napja

    HE didn't gb tho he breezily breezily is slow anyway

  13. ASDFgaming2021


    2 napja

    4:07: ahem, 24613 levels?

  14. TheTraveler2077


    2 napja

    Lol you spelled "unkee" wrong its unknee

  15. Ryker Dahl

    Ryker Dahl

    2 napja

    The god do be in the sky building with sand

  16. Arif Daniel Nordin

    Arif Daniel Nordin

    2 napja

    The beginning wae Creslex the mindustry youtuber Only true fans know Creslex

  17. furrycatthing29


    2 napja

    1,000 iq Person just tnt jumped what you need like at least 50 iq or some practice

  18. Sandip Saraf

    Sandip Saraf

    2 napja


  19. YourAverageDino


    3 napja


  20. Kristin Tolls

    Kristin Tolls

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  21. LoveNhi Gaming

    LoveNhi Gaming

    3 napja

    6:56 that is a moonwalk not a godbridge

  22. Jacob the Gamer

    Jacob the Gamer

    3 napja

    3:11 this happened to me once

  23. ObiMac 203

    ObiMac 203

    3 napja

    Bro props to koneko being in this list

  24. Nelson Onya

    Nelson Onya

    3 napja

    3:08 if you wonder what that circle is it is for the camera, placing and breaking blocks. On pocket edition. I play on Pocket edition. My username: Link2686

  25. Mickel Ch

    Mickel Ch

    3 napja

    When I was creating a world I put exposed stronghold seed and the surprise was that half a shipwreck was in a room of the stronghold

  26. •You won't click•

    •You won't click•

    3 napja

    The guy that killed you:it's just a game why you have to be mad? Me: just bc you win you got a win in a FUCKING GAME!!! what a shitass

  27. Cakechiichu


    4 napja

    Pro tip: if you want to open piglins chest without them attack you, break a block under the chest then place a hopper and take the loot from the hopper

  28. alexa hillary

    alexa hillary

    4 napja

    The one who killed the fox was Sapnap XD

  29. Jaden Moras

    Jaden Moras

    4 napja

    6:57 not god bridge fam it’s moonwalk

  30. John carlo Sadyang-abay

    John carlo Sadyang-abay

    4 napja


  31. AxolotlGamer926


    4 napja

    pls don't unkee my kneecaps

  32. table boi

    table boi

    4 napja

    Gamer: "escapes from creeper" YEEEEEAAAAAAAA Creeper: "defies wall block" your bever safe from me Also gamer: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK

  33. Papa Laki E.

    Papa Laki E.

    5 napja


  34. asdf asdf

    asdf asdf

    5 napja


  35. Mohdaliffsapuan7736 Sapuan

    Mohdaliffsapuan7736 Sapuan

    5 napja

    My iq is 5000



    5 napja

    3:10 - lol me and my brother also found a shipwreck on land too.

  37. Get Saved Today

    Get Saved Today

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  38. Anna-Karina Christensen

    Anna-Karina Christensen

    5 napja

    3:11 call that a sunken ship? 😂

  39. Kaloti Nihaal

    Kaloti Nihaal

    5 napja

    The part where u say subsrcibe in the next five seconds and then a mean thing is just LOL

  40. suresh undley

    suresh undley

    6 napja

    in that clip he said the godbridger but he is doing moonwalk.

  41. Chí tín

    Chí tín

    6 napja

    6:57 it monwaik bridge

  42. keith Is the best one

    keith Is the best one

    6 napja

    0:05 Epic moment

    • noob bacon

      noob bacon

      2 napja


    • keith Is the best one

      keith Is the best one

      2 napja


    • noob bacon

      noob bacon

      3 napja

      Big 'ol bunny meme

  43. Quạt Trần TV

    Quạt Trần TV

    6 napja

    0:32 he so stupid, he have Shield but he not use it

  44. Catloaf198


    6 napja


  45. Catloaf198


    6 napja


  46. FiveXgamer360


    6 napja

    The god bridgers arent doing anything cool their just regularly briding facing the way your supposed to, while crouching,

  47. indominus rex

    indominus rex

    7 napja

    What does the genuis mean

  48. ZyrellNotFound


    8 napja

    subscribe to me tooo

  49. Anthony Brown

    Anthony Brown

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  50. Ghost Drac

    Ghost Drac

    8 napja

    I found a shipwreck on land but I’m not him

  51. Fierçom Eells

    Fierçom Eells

    8 napja

    6:59 no that's the fkin breezily bridger.

  52. little sheep

    little sheep

    8 napja

    7:51 yes sapnap is an animal killer in mc

  53. stob88 3STOB1

    stob88 3STOB1

    8 napja

    The one who can't take a loss sounds like a donkey when he screams

  54. Afonso Pereira

    Afonso Pereira

    8 napja

    2:33 he hit his head in the ceiling

  55. Santino el fachero

    Santino el fachero

    8 napja

    Soy el unico argentino aca

  56. Vinc Aditya

    Vinc Aditya

    9 napja

    Oh i see, people in 5:50 is make some block texture become like sand

  57. RCM_deluxe


    9 napja

    moonwalk not godbridge

  58. js_jaden RBgamer

    js_jaden RBgamer

    9 napja

    0:02 Him : *trying to be so cool

  59. fire mask

    fire mask

    9 napja

    7:09 rages

  60. Zaijan Marasigan

    Zaijan Marasigan

    10 napja

    Beat the iq player ( dream (

  61. YeetusDeletus365


    10 napja

    6:56 that's not godbridging, its breezily and moonwalk bridging

  62. Yoru amai

    Yoru amai

    10 napja

    The god Bridger does the moon walk

  63. RonPlayzRoblox635


    10 napja

    4:53 LOL

  64. Drk -manic

    Drk -manic

    10 napja

    Bruh at1:50 what was he using

  65. VCan Gaming Pubg and more

    VCan Gaming Pubg and more

    10 napja

    1:55 look at hus death message lol

  66. Oliver Brochu

    Oliver Brochu

    10 napja

    its not god bridger its moonwalker

  67. black duck

    black duck

    10 napja

    3:06 he make shit

  68. Multitalent Youtuber

    Multitalent Youtuber

    10 napja

    We all Bois do those 200 or 1000iq tricks everyday but problem is we are not famouse Edit-bed war ones

  69. ntclpz


    10 napja

    2:58 what was happening under the camera 😳

  70. SM34 Bacon

    SM34 Bacon

    10 napja

    Me: laughing loud Video: 4:27

  71. Kryzon _Kl

    Kryzon _Kl

    10 napja

    6:56 is a moon walk btw

  72. Ariobaldiminecraftfnfradman Games

    Ariobaldiminecraftfnfradman Games

    11 napja


  73. Ender Guardian

    Ender Guardian

    11 napja

    *The god* XD LMAO

  74. Aslan KaraKhaled

    Aslan KaraKhaled

    11 napja

    7:46 that fox deserved that

  75. Hayder Kubba

    Hayder Kubba

    12 napja

    1:51 what

  76. Julian Woroszylski

    Julian Woroszylski

    12 napja

    That wasn t godbridge that was moonwalk

  77. конфетКА


    12 napja

    6:56 but that's moonwalk

  78. Angeles Calquin

    Angeles Calquin

    12 napja

    Part 12 plz

  79. Arif Tunç

    Arif Tunç

    12 napja


  80. Alina Arendt

    Alina Arendt

    12 napja

    The one dude Was like ,,why do you have to be MAD,, I CANT HAHAHAHAH

  81. fire mask

    fire mask

    13 napja


  82. The Random Arizonan

    The Random Arizonan

    13 napja

    0:05 everytime a toxic player gets killed in a game *MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA*

  83. Лаврентий Конан

    Лаврентий Конан

    13 napja

    2:34 Right before he dies you can see bubbles near his hunger bar, so there is a possibility that he suffocated in some block with weird hitbox (soulsand?), am not a bedrock player so not sure

  84. AFNAN ff

    AFNAN ff

    13 napja


  85. Legendinfinite X

    Legendinfinite X

    13 napja

    i found a shipwreck half on land, half underground

  86. Salim Bhai

    Salim Bhai

    13 napja

    In between i listen sound of chapati lol

  87. RAO


    13 napja

    May ALLAH make it easier for India and the entire world. All our prayers with Indian people in these difficult times. Know that we are praying for you ! Humanity should and did win. hubuild.info/cycle/vide/gtyZlnaYvH2plZU 🇵🇰♥️🇮🇳 WATCH & SHARE FOR HUMANITY!!!!

  88. RAO


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    May ALLAH make it easier for India and the entire world. All our prayers with Indian people in these difficult times. Know that we are praying for you ! Humanity should and did win. @Kxe0 🇵🇰♥️🇮🇳 WATCH & SHARE FOR HUMANITY!!!!

  89. Yi He

    Yi He

    13 napja

    familly fwendly

  90. Ahmad Ali

    Ahmad Ali

    14 napja

    Fly trick has not be done

  91. Salty Pepper

    Salty Pepper

    14 napja

    Lol genius is spelled wrong

  92. AE Entertainment PH

    AE Entertainment PH

    14 napja

    I like your video keep going

  93. jackson spier

    jackson spier

    14 napja

    ive been on the persons seed w/ the weird boat!

  94. MW Gameplay

    MW Gameplay

    14 napja

    Every rage quitter or babyrager think that Minecraft is garbege, but it’s opposite

  95. XZR2 YT

    XZR2 YT

    14 napja

    The god bridgers are on PS4 look it

  96. Ian_Aaron_YT


    14 napja

    0:05 keyboard: no no no Rage quitter:yes Pum pum pum pum

  97. Yung Rort

    Yung Rort

    14 napja

    3:42 someone know name of txt?

  98. FakeHuMaN


    15 napja


  99. ItsAlex YT

    ItsAlex YT

    15 napja

    6:15 that just technoblade's brother its ok its not broken

  100. Jordan Chan

    Jordan Chan

    15 napja

    3:29 wallibear is the best!