The Weirdest Whisper App Confessions

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whisper weird it is
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comment "i knew i loved the wii for a reason" if ur reading this!



  1. Liam Fries

    Liam Fries

    3 órája

    2:47 Switch Joycons are a solid s tier

  2. DarkShadic 9632

    DarkShadic 9632

    8 órája

    The funeral sketch had the best plot twist since Captain America Winter Soldier.

  3. Mint Leaf

    Mint Leaf

    10 órája

    2:03 Yo why is your ear so shiny lol

  4. Sam W

    Sam W

    12 órája

    Huh I didn’t know this app was still around

  5. Violetta S

    Violetta S

    21 órája

    My biggest secret is that I'm currently drinking miso soup out of a measuring cup. That's all I have to say...

  6. DarkCartoon



    I need a full version of "Wiimote in the a$$"

  7. Rhiannon Boyer

    Rhiannon Boyer


    okay but hear mew out, Kurtis Conner, Noel and Cody Ko....

  8. Still Alive

    Still Alive


    My darkest secret is that I had a point in my life where I disliked pizza

  9. appl key

    appl key


    my deepest darkest secret is that when i like the little crispy dark things at the edge of the egg

  10. Shaina Brooke

    Shaina Brooke


    Switch remote def the easiest

  11. ZHXVMW



    8:22 true and facts, im one

  12. d



    hipster please don’t cry, your beanie is falling

  13. Togami Simp

    Togami Simp

    2 napja

    i always think the vrg in the background spells virgin and im kinda disappointed it doesnt

  14. Bloodysugar 18

    Bloodysugar 18

    2 napja

    Deepest darkest secrets here 😂 I’ll go first. My mom thinks I’m a good Christian child... I’m atheist and prolly going to hell 😂😂

  15. exotic butters

    exotic butters

    2 napja

    I love the bits kurtis does

  16. azazel


    2 napja

    8:06 i was gonna leave the usual dumb comment about "i feel called out, almost just spit out my monster" yikes i need help edit: 8:53 chop suey is at the top of too many playlists. my heart hurts and i dont know if its the lighter fluid i drink or kurits' brutality

  17. McKenna Roush

    McKenna Roush

    2 napja

    I knew someone who found people to hook up with using Whisper. We aren’t friends anymore.

  18. Milan Smith

    Milan Smith

    2 napja

    Do monster energy ultra drinkers even wear hats? Swear it's mostly gym rats

  19. The IRLC System

    The IRLC System

    2 napja

    I thought you were going to say the shit drawer 😭

  20. Greg Kanvo

    Greg Kanvo

    2 napja

    164,000 likes. That's a lot of 6am hotdogs

  21. Jeremy Green

    Jeremy Green

    3 napja

    Do smurfs love monster energy drink? They wear their white beanies on the back of their head. By the way... I used to troll Whisper hard back in the day. That was the best part of the app.

  22. jazmyn perez

    jazmyn perez

    3 napja

    the fact that the staple bit was shoving a wii remote up your ass

  23. I'm Bored

    I'm Bored

    3 napja

    Wilbur Soot likes monster energy

  24. Sly Dakota

    Sly Dakota

    3 napja

    But. . . . . How dare you, my friend, compare ✨𝑆𝑦𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑚 𝑜𝑓 𝑎 𝐷𝑜𝑤𝑛 ✨ To 🧦🩴𝕃𝕚𝕞𝕡 𝔹𝕚𝕫𝕜𝕚𝕥 🧦🩴

  25. Gee TV

    Gee TV

    3 napja

    You really don’t have a choice, baby Kyle

  26. Pebble


    3 napja

    9:50 imagine if someone just like saw him recording that- ( update: imagine someone seeing him recording every singlesketch he has ever done )

  27. Andrew Cargile

    Andrew Cargile

    3 napja

    I can confirm the monster people love beanies

  28. edite opulenti

    edite opulenti

    4 napja

    autoplay started this video so when i came back kurtis was just shoving a hotdog in sleeping kurtis' face and i have never been so confused and terrified in my life

  29. hol up

    hol up

    4 napja

    𝔡𝔞𝔪𝔫 𝔤𝔬 𝔬𝔣𝔣 𝔨𝔦𝔫𝔤

  30. emma j

    emma j

    4 napja

    why watch a shitty horror movie when this video will thoroughly terrify me any time

  31. Soop


    4 napja

    Everyone's talking about Nutcracker Danny being scary, but I don't think we talk enough about Smurf Kurtis.

  32. Smart cookie 2009

    Smart cookie 2009

    4 napja

    can u do more episode plzz i love them!!!!

  33. kevin


    4 napja

    Ur such a sussy baka kurtis

  34. mental breakdown

    mental breakdown

    4 napja

    6am hotdog

  35. Emmanuel zulu

    Emmanuel zulu

    5 napja

    Lol dude, Kurtis in blue face? #KurtisIsOverParty

  36. Kabid


    5 napja

    Ok this might have been the funniest Kurtis video I've seen 🤣

  37. Kaiden Kammer

    Kaiden Kammer

    5 napja

    3 millll

  38. Sebastian Bird

    Sebastian Bird

    5 napja

    When I glanced at the thumbnail, I thought the “Smack Cam” one was a photo of a trash can with the caption “Snack Can.”

  39. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin

    5 napja

    Honestly. It’s hard for me to tell if things are real or satire anymore like at this point I’d believe anything cus some of y’all are weird asf

  40. Bryanna Machen

    Bryanna Machen

    5 napja

    i thought kurtis was canadian why’d he call it a beanie it a toque

  41. :D계란 보이

    :D계란 보이

    5 napja

    my ex girlfriend told me she poops 😰😰😰😢😢😥😥😥😓😓😓😫😫😫

  42. Manuela Sanz

    Manuela Sanz

    5 napja

    6 am hot dog but i’m at rock bottom 😞

  43. kenma kozume

    kenma kozume

    5 napja

    so i think instead of a tampon i could use a wii remote. didn’t know that, thanks kurtis

  44. TheGrayWitch GenJ

    TheGrayWitch GenJ

    5 napja

    My deepest darkest secret is I like women more than men. Plot twist: im dating a man

  45. Amaris Morales

    Amaris Morales

    6 napja

    Welll... In the Walmart, my mom would always drag me too as a kid..There was this employee who had missing teeth and some were black, she also had an eyepatch, hunchback and would limp around. My cousin made a story up and said that she would kidnap children and sell them, and I would always get scared to go into Walmart cause I would see her EVERYTIME! I saw her from when I was like 5 all the way to when I was 10.. EVERY TIME I WENT INTO WALMART! Once my mom went to the other aisle and I didnt notice and the employee went into that aisle to fix some stuff or whatever and I just stared at her in fear and RAN AWAY! I bolted out of there screaming "MOM!!" and my mom was just like WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING!! .... Now I feel bad for her cause, i was just terrified of her looks and definitely judged her for it.... I feel so bad now, I wonder what shes doing with her life.. lol

  46. Ellis Simmons

    Ellis Simmons

    6 napja

    Yes wii remotes = life 🤤🤤🤤

  47. Gabe Bell

    Gabe Bell

    6 napja

    We live in a SOCIETYYYYYYY

  48. Sol Savvy

    Sol Savvy

    6 napja

    @8:12 Yeah.... im that Monster guy.... lol X'D

  49. What The Heck Productions

    What The Heck Productions

    6 napja

    6:AM Corndog

  50. Le Pie

    Le Pie

    6 napja

    6am hot dog

  51. Faith I guess

    Faith I guess

    7 napja

    I actually know someone who had a pee closet. They even had a bathroom right off their room. For some reason him and his brother just felt like pissing in the closet 🤷🏼‍♀️

  52. Mikey Bee

    Mikey Bee

    7 napja

    i am a guy who wears beanies like that and i do love monster, but!!! only the ones with the pink cans mmm that shit slaps hard edit,,, i also love system of a down,,, i think my dad's love for monster somehow affected my moms pregnancy bro

  53. Madison Theys

    Madison Theys

    7 napja

    My dog got scared at the knocking on the door around 10:04

  54. sequoia hawes

    sequoia hawes

    7 napja

    'Guys who wear hats back here love monster energy drinks.' -Kurtis Conner

  55. Armaan


    7 napja

    If I get pinned I’ll eat a hotdog at 6:00am

  56. fish


    8 napja

    6 am hot dog

  57. Rose-Marie Gallagher

    Rose-Marie Gallagher

    8 napja

    my baby teeth wont fall out

  58. keebwee _

    keebwee _

    8 napja

    6am hot dog

  59. Anna Pearl

    Anna Pearl

    8 napja

    6am hotdog

  60. Lauryn Howell

    Lauryn Howell

    8 napja

    Sometimes I forget other people didn't have horrific sexual experiences at a young age on whisper😃

  61. Alexandra Bone Andrushuk

    Alexandra Bone Andrushuk

    8 napja


  62. Hola Gise

    Hola Gise

    8 napja

    Kurtis is the only Merch I’ll buy if I wasn’t poor AF

  63. Grim King

    Grim King

    8 napja

    I just realised how much a wii remote looks like a tampon.

  64. rooplespooples


    8 napja

    watching this again, i realize he described most of my parents friends at 7:59

  65. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    8 napja

    The shift of the applause when he says set the coffin on fire

  66. MrPafleouf


    8 napja

    for the 6am hotdog watch urban dictionnary about hotdog

  67. Gracyn Styles

    Gracyn Styles

    8 napja

    all i have to say after watching this video is "what the f*ck"

  68. Crafty Muffin

    Crafty Muffin

    8 napja

    “ Bach” I lost it dude

  69. Jmoney Swag

    Jmoney Swag

    8 napja

    I killed 87 people and a baby poopy

  70. Zahra Soniwalla

    Zahra Soniwalla

    8 napja

    I made a mistake watching this while eating breakfast

  71. Anita Kh.

    Anita Kh.

    9 napja

    Everyone gangsta until a Whisper says *“I have 3 dead bodies in my basement”*

  72. Asya Göktaş

    Asya Göktaş

    9 napja

    Did you get bit by a vampire

  73. Uniqueabove


    9 napja

    kurtis makes poop jokes funny. yeah. i said it.

  74. GallifrAngel


    9 napja

    Does anyone else remember YikYak or was that just a fever dream I had during the year of 2014 and 2014 only

  75. Devon Gentry

    Devon Gentry

    9 napja

    I actually had a pretty drawer when I was like four. My mom found it

  76. Devon Gentry

    Devon Gentry

    9 napja

    Dude we both went for the n64 as the worst

  77. Kitty 424

    Kitty 424

    9 napja

    These are progressively getting more and more insane and I love it

  78. Annabelle


    10 napja

    i used to use that app when i was 12 and just fucking LIE

  79. Grainne Mccready

    Grainne Mccready

    10 napja

    My deepest darkest secret is that I am a Dolphon

  80. peter prinz

    peter prinz

    10 napja

    Is it me or does this video make me think that i'll die from being smacked by a ham... And then be burned alive in my coffin by my best friend

  81. Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips

    10 napja

    the batman piss drawer bit had me crying, we all know batman doesn't have a mom - she was murdered! oh kurtis, you are a wild child you are.

  82. ___


    10 napja

    This video has painted my name in a bad light, sounds like oppression

  83. Vansh Anekar

    Vansh Anekar

    10 napja

    You wil NEVER be Freddie Mercury

  84. Tokyolizy


    11 napja

    6 am hotdog

  85. J T

    J T

    11 napja

    His videos get more and more insane

  86. Kyle Boise

    Kyle Boise

    11 napja

    Dude I used to use whisper to hook up all the time. I had such success that I thought all online dating was like that but sadly... I was way wrong lmao.

  87. rawr lasagna

    rawr lasagna

    11 napja


  88. Isabel Medina

    Isabel Medina

    12 napja

    i knew i love the wii for a reason!

  89. Kyle Sadler

    Kyle Sadler

    12 napja

    The funeral sketch was so dark lol

  90. Kelsey Van Halen

    Kelsey Van Halen

    12 napja

    kurtis im worried about you

  91. Kalee Fisher

    Kalee Fisher

    12 napja

    It’s not an extra greeting because if your coming back you aren’t new.

  92. Ms. Chicken Animation

    Ms. Chicken Animation

    12 napja

    I told her to be gentle I want that Willy wonka special I know I’m not a gentleman

  93. D34TH_2


    12 napja

    "6am hot dog" is my new mantra

  94. Matěj Kopecký

    Matěj Kopecký

    13 napja

    Lol you so funny

  95. Thecheezy Weebboy

    Thecheezy Weebboy

    13 napja

    I killed some one in 2008

  96. Greg Stinker of Kurtistown

    Greg Stinker of Kurtistown

    13 napja

    Kurtis I rlly love your skits- thank you for making me laugh even when I’m feeling sad :)

  97. Paige Schmitz

    Paige Schmitz

    13 napja

    I made the unfortunate choice of watching this video high out of my mind

  98. InuInugami 3648

    InuInugami 3648

    13 napja

    Edit: I thought other people were going to comment their secrets but I didn't find any others so I changed my mind

  99. honey Blue

    honey Blue

    13 napja

    "she had a mouthful of teeth, and that's why I don't shop at wallmart anymore" is a no-context sentence almost more insane than the famous drake and josh one

    • Cotton


      4 napja

      wh. what's the drake and Josh one

  100. Ava's Tube

    Ava's Tube

    13 napja

    *Peter loved playing with his Nintendo Wii, especially in private*