I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)

Today I'm going to be Transforming the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is my favourite giant build in minecraft that i've done so far! This video is inspired directly by the time I transformed the nether into the overworld in Minecraft Hardcore!
Watch the series from episode 1:
"I Transformed the NETHER into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore (#36)"
"I Transformed an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#38)"
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  1. Orhun Kibaroğlu

    Orhun Kibaroğlu


    Perfect job

  2. Why you mad bro'?

    Why you mad bro'?

    2 órája

    This man’s here making entire dimensions in hardcore survival while here I am being proud of my mansion which I painstakingly copied bit by bit from a video, while being in creative :D

  3. [ASR]Luggatz


    2 órája

    Maybe let the lava river ,,flow“ into a normal River (at the point where they meet you can use stone and Obsidian)

  4. MeetBoii


    6 órája

    Should have added 5-10 ancient debris but except that great

  5. Atharva Pandey

    Atharva Pandey

    7 órája

    On the day he uploaded I turned 11. Wow what a timing Wadzee !! and you made my day

  6. Will Berger

    Will Berger

    8 órája

    You keep calling it your "stupid little house", so here's a new build idea. Make a new one. Tear down your current house if you need to, and just make a house that you can be proud to call your home.

  7. Yair Elbaz

    Yair Elbaz

    8 órája

    You Are The best

  8. oreo ghost

    oreo ghost

    12 órája

    *blue stuff*

  9. Blind Watcher

    Blind Watcher

    16 órája

    just couroius whats on the inside

  10. Birch Action

    Birch Action

    18 órája

    You know you could just smelt netherrack to get the blocks fortresses are made from

  11. Brando n

    Brando n

    18 órája

    No one: Me: The best part of this WadZee video was “Blur and red stuff”.

  12. Kuba Kazak

    Kuba Kazak

    20 órája

    maybe add some cliffs on the sides of it

  13. Joseph Baker

    Joseph Baker

    20 órája

    nobody: Minecraft: destroy the tree

  14. Abhinav Sapuru

    Abhinav Sapuru

    20 órája

    No one : Wadzee after every build: this is my favourite build

  15. C Brock, Jr

    C Brock, Jr

    21 órája

    Can you try a bashtion

  16. Rubina Gill

    Rubina Gill

    21 órája

    Cuz you dont get the "destroy the tree" when you join

  17. Rubina Gill

    Rubina Gill

    21 órája

    Guys is it me or i think he died and he is playing on the backup of it?

  18. Lakshya Sharma

    Lakshya Sharma

    22 órája

    U r the zeus of construction..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. dragonxcore


    22 órája

    It’s like the monolith but on crack

  20. SeungHun Lee

    SeungHun Lee

    23 órája

    Speed bridgeee

  21. Valleyntin Rohrmann

    Valleyntin Rohrmann


    you just build a fancy nether reactor core

  22. Turtleboi




  23. Luna



    is it just me or did the blueprint of the build look like a thicc fidget spinner

  24. Hirasava Yui

    Hirasava Yui


    This thing is so gorgeous, but at the same time it looks like a birthday cake xd

  25. Skelly _boimc

    Skelly _boimc


    Imagine he confused overworld to nether and slept in nether and that's the way he die

  26. Tigry Uniform

    Tigry Uniform


    Mission 10+ million subscribers by the end of 2021 is going pretty good so far

  27. Mera McLean

    Mera McLean



  28. sUberp superb

    sUberp superb


    The dislikes are from the wither skeles and blazes for stealing their homes

  29. Pierce Stephenson

    Pierce Stephenson


    For the obsidian, he should have gone to his piglin trade farm smh

  30. Yukon



    I love your channel. For this precise reason, I subscribed and became a member of the Great Wah Wah Army. Greetings from France

  31. Beeber591



    This is so good

  32. Dark



    Homie you need an obsidian farm If that exist

  33. the man the cool man

    the man the cool man


    U should make a melon chunk

  34. PeachyYt小熊


    2 napja

    5:51 This is look like a Sharingan 😳

  35. MISTERCatButt drawings

    MISTERCatButt drawings

    2 napja

    What if the melon farm reaches the farlands

  36. Gamers 1836

    Gamers 1836

    2 napja

    He should have put it under the floating island

  37. Tristan Thao

    Tristan Thao

    2 napja

    How much time duz this dude Have!!! I'm not going against him but Wadzee grinds hard.

  38. 1st idiot gamer5

    1st idiot gamer5

    2 napja

    Did he just say earth when he was talking about the nether

  39. KoalaManRBLX


    2 napja

    Most of us: * having trouble finding a fortress* Him: *mining a fortress*

  40. KoalaManRBLX


    2 napja

    In 2035 the overworld will be entirely nether and the nether will be entire overworld and the end will be entirely deleted

  41. Ichigo Nakiwasia

    Ichigo Nakiwasia

    2 napja

    WadZee makes the most incredible builds I have ever seen 0.0

  42. lily williams

    lily williams

    2 napja

    can't you make an infinite lava source? or am i just dumb

  43. Liviu Pop

    Liviu Pop

    2 napja

    he is in suvivel

  44. Liviu Pop

    Liviu Pop

    2 napja

    omg he is working so hard dude

  45. 4yd3n_YT


    2 napja

    the obsidian circle looks like Kirby

  46. Charbel Mfarrej

    Charbel Mfarrej

    2 napja

    Hey wadzee when u had 50 k i asked if u would still remember me u said yes

  47. Strange Gamer

    Strange Gamer

    3 napja

    if you will bring some piglin so it will look more realistic

  48. Strange Gamer

    Strange Gamer

    3 napja

    now please make end city / end/ in overworld

  49. Kat Coiro

    Kat Coiro

    3 napja

    Wadzee is the most dedicated HUbuild ever

  50. SuperOllie


    3 napja

    wadzee forgot how much fire is in the nether, don't forget the blue fire in the soul sand valley!



    3 napja

    We play Minecraft Wadzee play with Minecraft



    3 napja

    Wadzee first time ignoring diamonds 2:45

  53. Mystic Man

    Mystic Man

    3 napja

    Add ancient debris

  54. asad japanwala

    asad japanwala

    3 napja

    Wadzee should have a camera angle for timelapses

  55. asad japanwala

    asad japanwala

    3 napja

    I want this man to be in hermitcraft

  56. asad japanwala

    asad japanwala

    3 napja

    Waiting for ep 69

  57. Classy Juggalo

    Classy Juggalo

    3 napja

    Didn’t he already build a piglin trading booth thing that gives him obsidian?

  58. kwkus


    3 napja


  59. Toby Black

    Toby Black

    3 napja

    Wadzeeeee show us how to build the circle

  60. Tragedy Hearts

    Tragedy Hearts

    3 napja

    Low-key looks like a cake

  61. XxKexJUEG0xX


    3 napja

    Man this guys is a super god ngl he build 100x than me :// nice vids Minecraft god

  62. Gaspar Obcemea

    Gaspar Obcemea

    3 napja

    I Like How He Mines The Tower in The End For Obsidian🤣🤣🤣🤣🍎

  63. richard lucas

    richard lucas

    3 napja

    he should add a Bastian and piglins/hoglins

  64. P PM

    P PM

    4 napja

    Sometimes I forget he is un hardcore mode

  65. RubyTheCat01


    4 napja

    It looks like a neder cake

  66. Belanjon Ewan

    Belanjon Ewan

    4 napja

    And the bastion

  67. John Taylor

    John Taylor

    4 napja

    should build some caves and stuff into the side!

  68. Parth Kumar

    Parth Kumar

    4 napja


  69. Raleigh


    4 napja

    You're too hardworker

  70. Raleigh


    4 napja

    You are insane

  71. Liana Dovgala

    Liana Dovgala

    4 napja

    Am I the only one that misses the Kahoot remix

  72. The Fidget Spinner

    The Fidget Spinner

    4 napja

    Name some places i should build in minecraft

  73. The Fidget Spinner

    The Fidget Spinner

    4 napja

    Should I build some tiny communities in the world that not many people know of

  74. Sienna Moreau

    Sienna Moreau

    4 napja

    It looks like a cake

  75. Red P. Booster

    Red P. Booster

    4 napja

    i suggest you to add some fake caves on the side of netherack

  76. Funny Watching

    Funny Watching

    4 napja

    Hi can you make a dragon house

  77. Owen Rudnicki

    Owen Rudnicki

    4 napja

    add nether caves into the sides of it

  78. Yasmina Chahine

    Yasmina Chahine

    4 napja

    My brother: wadzee sucks Me: so you have chosen death.

  79. Moventelec


    4 napja

    I dont know if you done this already but you should make a big castle with big walls and a village inside or you can make the end city in the overworld sorry for bad grammar hehe

  80. Cud Conn

    Cud Conn

    5 napja

    At the part when he said he lied he said he still had netherite did he meant netherack lol (not being rude btw)

  81. Luke Baker

    Luke Baker

    5 napja

    He says it look a bit blocky it’s Minecraft god dammit

  82. NoLife Gaming

    NoLife Gaming

    5 napja

    Me: I CAN DO THIS TOO *Opens the game* What ...the...fuck...am ...I...doing.....

  83. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    5 napja

    Man is building the walls as in attack on titans.

  84. MXD


    5 napja

    Add netherite to the bottom

  85. bred


    5 napja

    What's that background music in there? I really like it, so that's why I'm asking. ^w^

  86. Sekai Francis

    Sekai Francis

    5 napja

    Your amazing i would never have the time for this u should build a leave vs water biom creating your own boom that would be coool please do that

  87. ArsenalSki


    5 napja

    Wadee you should build a curator from a meteor or build a meteor falling from the sky

  88. Martin Suarez

    Martin Suarez

    5 napja

    so where is the Minecraft bastion?

  89. Gustavo Otón

    Gustavo Otón

    5 napja

    Nuevo episodio el abismo de hell en hardcore minecraft

  90. Lama Maciek

    Lama Maciek

    5 napja

    Imagine he died

  91. Faria Kabir

    Faria Kabir

    6 napja

    WHY POINTLESS Building

  92. Angry blocks

    Angry blocks

    6 napja

    pls bring back water checkpoint otherwise the video is dehydrated

  93. Neliel Tu

    Neliel Tu

    6 napja

    it.. looks like a cake

  94. Egehan Ağaçdiken

    Egehan Ağaçdiken

    6 napja

    When i translated wah wah army to Turkish it said oh god oh god army 😂😂

    • Egehan Ağaçdiken

      Egehan Ağaçdiken


      @Thanassis Stathakaros do you know im from Turkey.

    • Thanassis Stathakaros

      Thanassis Stathakaros

      3 napja

      Coincidence i thinm not

  95. aswd90


    6 napja

    Where is the Glowstone Nodes? You know, that cluster of Glowstones all over the Nether?

  96. Couu Cykoo

    Couu Cykoo

    6 napja

    I think inside the nether island you can do snow biomes...it is 360😈

  97. Samuel White 16 (STUDENT)

    Samuel White 16 (STUDENT)

    6 napja

    hey wad zee! I subbed to your channel and clicked the bell. but for 1 condition. your the best Minecraft player/youtuber I've met!

  98. Gian Daniel Briannes

    Gian Daniel Briannes

    6 napja

    a tip for clearing trees: USE FIRE

  99. BirbMC


    6 napja

    Well I just saw right after he went to the wither skeleton farm he had not much xp that makes me think this world is sus but at the same time he could of spent it on enchanting and stuff.

  100. Sam Shastri

    Sam Shastri

    6 napja

    Just now realized wadzee has an exp farm in every dimension 0-o