GRAPPLE BOW vs SHOCKWAVE BOW! Today we aim to settle which is best with a kill race... and boy did it get sweaty! We hope you enjoy!
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  1. AdrianGames


    2 órája

    I always feel like Jordan always takes the better weapon or skin. Plus he is slightly better so he should take the worse weapon so it becomes even

  2. Errick Banks

    Errick Banks

    20 órája

    Thank you 🙏🏿 for the content!

  3. XxX denzel on YT

    XxX denzel on YT

    22 órája

    It not there fault that you only vs bot

  4. WAFFLES-Brawl Stars

    WAFFLES-Brawl Stars

    2 napja

    3:09 where ya headed LMAO 🤣

  5. Gogi Wanjau

    Gogi Wanjau

    3 napja

    love you all

  6. michael felfernig

    michael felfernig

    3 napja

    Instant karma at the end 😂😂😂

  7. yeah_ok


    3 napja

    that ending was hilarious

  8. gav lam

    gav lam

    3 napja

    Did you noticed that jessys pickaxe changed

  9. Andrea Ildiko Martonffy

    Andrea Ildiko Martonffy

    4 napja

    Fuck dinosaurs

  10. Alexia G.

    Alexia G.

    4 napja

    Would you guys rather have 3 heals and 2 guns or 2 heals and 3 guns

  11. H4M GAMER


    9 napja


  12. Bec


    9 napja

    I like ur content

  13. melinda Barrett

    melinda Barrett

    9 napja

    Best come back ever

  14. Andy Bell

    Andy Bell

    9 napja

    what is your furthest kill with a bow? mine is over 264m metres stink bow

  15. Manu de Klerk

    Manu de Klerk

    10 napja

    Killrace is the best ever

  16. Juan Jose Cardona Revollo

    Juan Jose Cardona Revollo

    10 napja

    en este momento queda perfecto el dicho que dice no es la flecha es el indio yo soy mejor con el de choque

  17. Twiter Shady CralZy

    Twiter Shady CralZy

    11 napja

    Les you se te video in the righ is olweys de winer

  18. Arena Phoenix

    Arena Phoenix

    11 napja

    The last fight between them was epic!

  19. Hj Mohamed Ayhem

    Hj Mohamed Ayhem

    13 napja

    I have 2160p60 hdddd

  20. Yani on Laptop

    Yani on Laptop

    13 napja

    Not sweats ur just bad

  21. Secret abdulla

    Secret abdulla

    13 napja

    why does jordan always get the easier side

  22. Manahil Najam

    Manahil Najam

    14 napja

    These bows will be missed in the comming season

  23. Blakey Boy

    Blakey Boy

    14 napja

    You guys have aimbot

  24. Justus Balzer

    Justus Balzer

    15 napja


  25. DARK


    15 napja

    Guys, read the kill count and then count the leader board it dont match??

  26. Omg yousaf Gaming

    Omg yousaf Gaming

    16 napja

    Even Jordan doesn’t know wat happend in the end



    16 napja

    Let's Go Jordan!

  28. Hamiz Hafiz

    Hamiz Hafiz

    16 napja

    do a grappler bow vs unstable bow video x2twins

  29. Jemima Harlin

    Jemima Harlin

    16 napja

    How many times have u killed the boss?

  30. Jayan Raju

    Jayan Raju

    16 napja


  31. MsStarquasia Bailey

    MsStarquasia Bailey

    17 napja

    1:46 It was a bot JORDAN

  32. The Illusion

    The Illusion

    17 napja

    you killed the dummy skin cuz he’s dumb yeah that was so bad



    18 napja

    kkk ou

  34. ivory22dour


    18 napja


  35. Antanas Montvila

    Antanas Montvila

    18 napja

    Can i get battle pass plzzz my epic is my ka and i subscribe u like your video(all)notifications turn on sooo plzzzzzzz:)(your the best of fortnite youtubers so plzzCz)(i used your code)i got 300 v-books

  36. William nielsen

    William nielsen

    18 napja


  37. Cgjacks The gamer

    Cgjacks The gamer

    19 napja

    Every video I am routing for Jesse

    • Shadow Prar

      Shadow Prar

      19 napja

      lol same

  38. Rng Devin

    Rng Devin

    19 napja

    Mate enough got shit on

  39. Olsi Muliqi

    Olsi Muliqi

    19 napja

    Yordan is the best player

  40. Cxmplexari


    19 napja

    What would happen if one you guys die?

  41. Chris Kunar

    Chris Kunar

    20 napja

    Them being level 234 and wondering why they r in sweat lobbies-

  42. nutty _YT

    nutty _YT

    20 napja

    The only reason why I do some Luke Combs is because of you guys thank you so much

    • nutty _YT

      nutty _YT

      20 napja

      I meant thunder pumps auto correct sucks

  43. Leo L

    Leo L

    20 napja


  44. Bo’ba Strawberry—

    Bo’ba Strawberry—

    20 napja

    Am i the only one that still uses the Jules Skin or?

  45. de winX

    de winX

    20 napja


  46. Sara Gued

    Sara Gued

    20 napja

    how this guys is levels 240??

  47. man man

    man man

    20 napja


  48. Yasinberat63 Şikak

    Yasinberat63 Şikak

    21 napja

    Use code x2twins

  49. Dark Seg1

    Dark Seg1

    21 napja


  50. TheCloudyCloud


    21 napja

    Woah Jordan and Jesse almost ran into eachother mid game 😂

  51. Itzzz K4DE

    Itzzz K4DE

    21 napja

    You are so good

  52. Jan Kolbaba

    Jan Kolbaba

    21 napja

    one hit

  53. SSAR


    21 napja

    bruh this 9 mins was like 1 min

  54. Slaypuh24


    21 napja

    I wish I got this many views and comments 😞😞😞

  55. Mikko Viisma

    Mikko Viisma

    21 napja

    do 1v1

  56. Elliott Jenkins

    Elliott Jenkins

    21 napja

    Jordan all ways starts from the bottom and all of a sudden he’s in 1st

  57. dereck mangual

    dereck mangual

    22 napja

    Jordan "He knows im coming, but does he know im coming this fast" that made me cry.

  58. Eduard Stanciu

    Eduard Stanciu

    22 napja

    graple bow is a bit more op than shock waves bow

  59. Adriana Ledesma

    Adriana Ledesma

    22 napja

    Oh my god

  60. renato denaro

    renato denaro

    22 napja


  61. sedat yalın

    sedat yalın

    22 napja

    Good play

  62. Chorau


    22 napja

    2 million subs

  63. heinz peter

    heinz peter

    22 napja


  64. eddymobilegamer


    22 napja

    This challenge in arena pls

  65. Ethan Ko

    Ethan Ko

    22 napja

    Please help get better

  66. Logan Freeman

    Logan Freeman

    22 napja


  67. Ballr


    22 napja

    congrats on 2 mil

  68. Eric N

    Eric N

    22 napja

    The guy that had a starpixax he stream snipe mee

  69. Roni Max

    Roni Max

    22 napja


  70. Roni Max

    Roni Max

    22 napja


  71. Roni Max

    Roni Max

    22 napja


  72. Elijah Arriaga

    Elijah Arriaga

    22 napja

    Jorden 30 cracked 2 seconds later omg

  73. Nikolas Ael

    Nikolas Ael

    22 napja

    Do Black panther vs Captain amerika

  74. karen guerrero

    karen guerrero

    22 napja

    jordan got uuum 4hp poor jesse :(

  75. mateja jovanovic v2

    mateja jovanovic v2

    22 napja

    2 milions

  76. Sebastian Kempe

    Sebastian Kempe

    22 napja

    I like schokwave more

  77. Naser Najem

    Naser Najem

    23 napja

    Your insane jarvis 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  78. Alya Erzan

    Alya Erzan

    23 napja

    OMG 1.99M your so close

  79. Fortnite 4life

    Fortnite 4life

    23 napja

    I’m still waiting where they accidentally get in a different game and they win at the same time OR when they get in the same game and they die at the same time lol

  80. ndfa buck

    ndfa buck

    23 napja

    def grapple bow cuz just better

  81. Silo ချွ

    Silo ချွ

    23 napja

    Im youer 2milth sub

  82. Panda vloger

    Panda vloger

    23 napja

    Never mess with jordan

  83. krystal kr

    krystal kr

    23 napja

    Adamy a mic on fortnight on fortnight on fortnight my name is smoke dog please add me

  84. krystal kr

    krystal kr

    23 napja

    1v1am Please

  85. Alex Leber

    Alex Leber

    23 napja

    So close 2mill

  86. Tater Totts

    Tater Totts

    23 napja

    Do Aloy vs Lara Croft

  87. Berwyn Ellis

    Berwyn Ellis

    24 napja

    you should do the girl galaxy skin VS the boy galaxy skin.

  88. Manusx250


    24 napja

    yo jesse i have the same combo

  89. lts17 wsanec

    lts17 wsanec

    24 napja

    SHIT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. BL00D FlRE ,

    BL00D FlRE ,

    24 napja

    I don’t like fn but I might just play 1 game

  91. Yasmin ismail

    Yasmin ismail

    24 napja


    • Ilyxitachi-


      21 napja


  92. brekky


    24 napja

    almost 2 Mil baby

  93. Monk-E


    24 napja

    Jordan wit da gluch

  94. Цветомир бг master and pro

    Цветомир бг master and pro

    24 napja

    How i can made this qualiti in the game

  95. Crxtical


    24 napja

    I have been waiting for this 🤩

  96. Kruxteaze


    24 napja

    Obi Wan: 5:54 Anakin: You Underestimate my Power

  97. Juan Kedniel Rivera Torres

    Juan Kedniel Rivera Torres

    24 napja


  98. Mr Karax

    Mr Karax

    24 napja

    The grapple bow is good for rotations. The shockwave bow is good of thunderpumps.

  99. crampy


    24 napja

    USE CODE X2twins !!!

  100. Beemツ


    24 napja

    wow jordan clapped jesse