Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  1. Shithravel Shuboshan

    Shithravel Shuboshan

    28 perccel

    Dear Angel, am every day praying for u darling, get well soon my God saw to her u r power 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I love you lots

  2. Karan Kharat

    Karan Kharat

    29 perccel

    That gave me goosebumps so I downloaded the video to get that satisfying goosebumps again

  3. 레인


    30 perccel

    She's very beautiful, her voice is wonderful, her song is amazing, she's very smart, and such a strong and inspiring woman! I read some comments talking about how she will not be continuing AGT due to her health, and all I could wish for is for her to stay strong and positive. Like she said, 2% is never zero. God bless her💖

  4. Hugo garcia-jimenez

    Hugo garcia-jimenez

    52 perccel

    I’m here because she’s gotten really sick and had to quit! Prayers to her and her family.

  5. Jarro Macaraeg

    Jarro Macaraeg


    My father died because of cancer,and it's been my hope and pray that someday, we will live in a cancer free world,

  6. kasim chibesakunda

    kasim chibesakunda


    🕊🕊 😪

  7. Debra Hammell

    Debra Hammell


    Life is always going to be HARD! Just enjoy LIFE, Now!

  8. Jonah Maica Botnande

    Jonah Maica Botnande


    Update: Please pray for her, she's been pulled out of AGT contest because her cancer is getting tougher. Tysm,God bless you all

  9. Elijah Jenzel Nang

    Elijah Jenzel Nang


    And he we are who complains by the way we live our lives too much. Life’s unfair to those who want to live longer but has no time left, and some who commits suicide not knowing how precious lives are. Jane, I pray that you will live longer by God’s mercy. ♥️

  10. Jennifer Nyambura

    Jennifer Nyambura

    2 órája

    May God heal now, through this moment now.

  11. Ed Rivera

    Ed Rivera

    2 órája

    Jesus saves 🙏 You hang in there girl I will be praying for you! You sing beautiful 🎤🎶❤😊

  12. Rowe Tenorio

    Rowe Tenorio

    2 órája

    so sad to hear she wont compete anymore hope she gets better

  13. Prin Cess

    Prin Cess

    2 órája

    I came here again after she anounonce that she can't continue her journey and all i did is to cry

  14. Sarvasva Bhardwaj

    Sarvasva Bhardwaj

    3 órája

    I can't remember when I last saw such pleasing smile that wins hearts of billions .plz God save her......

  15. Suryakant Kashyap

    Suryakant Kashyap

    3 órája

    "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" - this hit me hard..

  16. Sarvasva Bhardwaj

    Sarvasva Bhardwaj

    3 órája

    That moved my heart i always pray to God to recover her soon..

  17. Kelley Spartiatis

    Kelley Spartiatis

    3 órája

    Just found out she's dropped out because she's too sick. I can't stop crying. That woman has touched a lot of people with her beautiful voice and spirit.

  18. james carroll

    james carroll

    3 órája

    You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy that's a quote for the generations nightbird it's going to be okay we all love you God bless you

  19. Leeann Turner

    Leeann Turner

    3 órája

    Simon needing a drink because his voice is about to break. Jane deserves that standing ovation & that golden buzzer

  20. Jeff Dickerson

    Jeff Dickerson

    3 órája

    I love her, I am sorry things have gone south with her.

  21. Sara sayoury

    Sara sayoury

    3 órája

    I felt sorry that you will not continue your agt journey.. the world must know who you are and how amazing your sound is🥺💙 God bless you dear 💕💕

  22. Megatron


    3 órája

    *Who else here after Nightbird Withdrawn from AGT 2021* 😔😔 *it's okay* 🤞🤞 *let's pray for her Health* 💜💜💜

  23. Ronald Hill

    Ronald Hill

    3 órája

    I'm crying but it's ok.

  24. Robin Johnson

    Robin Johnson

    4 órája

    I've never wanted someone to become an icon faster.

  25. govardhan dhivarn

    govardhan dhivarn

    4 órája


  26. Kevin Clark

    Kevin Clark

    4 órája

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    • Bruce Schneider

      Bruce Schneider

      42 perccel

      Wow am so surprise you all know that lady, God has used Mrs Letton Deb to change the stories of so many people and I'm glad i met her too.

    • Rufus Bowman

      Rufus Bowman



    • Rufus Bowman

      Rufus Bowman


      Telegram 👇👇👇

    • Rufus Bowman

      Rufus Bowman


      You can reach her on Facebook 👆👆👆

    • Rufus Bowman

      Rufus Bowman


      Letton Deb

  27. Got Talent FANS

    Got Talent FANS

    4 órája

    I am coming back to this Video after saw her post on Instagram announcing that she won't continue the competition. Let's all pray for her health. Getting well soon baby, Jesus bless your medical healing.

  28. justin olayemi

    justin olayemi

    4 órája

    I can watch this audition a million time

  29. True K

    True K

    4 órája

    Her voice is insane

  30. Maranda M

    Maranda M

    5 órája

    "Stay with me, I'll be better soon," "I'm planning my future, not my legacy. Pretty beat up, but I've still got dreams." She writes on her Instagram page after announcing she will have to pull out of AGT. She is a badass and has my respect!!!!!

  31. Neji Hyuga

    Neji Hyuga

    5 órája

    She kinda sounds like Halsey 💗

  32. Chad Dickens

    Chad Dickens

    5 órája

    Beautiful voice, beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful face, beautiful spirit and a beautiful message. She's a star.

  33. Miya Y

    Miya Y

    5 órája

    Bless her heart💗

  34. TONY M

    TONY M

    5 órája

    A beautiful bird indeed. Sad to know she won't continue with this journey, but IT'S OKAY.

  35. Duke Metzger

    Duke Metzger

    6 órája

    It's not okay to lose such a beautiful soul.

  36. Dhruvil Limbachiya

    Dhruvil Limbachiya

    6 órája

    Her Voice Is Really Powerful

  37. *insert name* #stopanimaltesting

    *insert name* #stopanimaltesting

    6 órája

    3:51 i love how people where silent then simon said "wow." Everyone cheered

  38. Shawn Blanton

    Shawn Blanton

    6 órája

    Prayers Jane!

  39. Sir Lewis Cap'n of the Burnt Cookie

    Sir Lewis Cap'n of the Burnt Cookie

    6 órája

    I just got word on HUbuild, a local news station from where she is at had announced that she is not going to be on America's got talent because her cancer got worse.

  40. mexy dee

    mexy dee

    6 órája

    She dropped out she's took a turn for the worst😪😪😪

  41. Traveler2112


    6 órája

    Such an absolute beautiful soul :)

  42. Cool Runnr

    Cool Runnr

    6 órája

    Lost my grandma to cancer 7 days ago. My grandma always says this to me. Its alright.

  43. The1709 Gaming

    The1709 Gaming

    6 órája

    Janitor: I really don't mind at all. Honestly, I don't. (From a dark corner of the hall, smiling and clapping andwith teary eyes)

  44. RJ Key

    RJ Key

    6 órája

    Prayers and God Bless

  45. Joshua Paulito

    Joshua Paulito

    6 órája

    We will wait for your historical comeback.

  46. Tom Kohlman

    Tom Kohlman

    6 órája

    I just found out she had to drop out of AGT. So sad. She's such a beautiful soul

  47. AHey Wazzzup

    AHey Wazzzup

    6 órája

    I'm back here after thr news that she's not continuing agt because her cancer got worse ☹ but It's okay. I'm praying for you

  48. Tina Paton

    Tina Paton

    6 órája

    A beautiful voice and spirit God bless her

  49. jolan Miranda

    jolan Miranda

    7 órája

    Who,s here after she is dropping from agt #quater final 😭

  50. Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria

    7 órája

    I was diagnosed with cancer 15 yrs ago, my boys were just 2yrs old. I was so frightened but i decided i cant let this dreaded C to control our lives. And here now 15 yrs.after still battling, still boys are 17 now and i have so much to thank God for.

  51. Patrica King

    Patrica King

    7 órája

    It broke my heart😥 that she was there alone. I pray she gets the support she needs while getting treatment. What a beautiful soul🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  52. Drewww :D

    Drewww :D

    7 órája

    praying for you nightbirde! even though your no longer in the show, you will stay in our hearts! God bless you! ❤️

  53. Happy Kiddos 777

    Happy Kiddos 777

    7 órája

    That tells you who Simon Cowell is,people may know him as strict and unkind at heart but this moment tells it all.

  54. Reshella Johnson

    Reshella Johnson

    7 órája

    Your an inspiration to us all and you have an amazing voice fellow Ohioan here

  55. daydrix


    7 órája

    She made the hard decision to drop out of AGT, her cancer got bad. Yet she has such a great attitude, she’s helped me so much. Her voice, personality, everything about her is amazing. She is talented, and truly a gift

  56. Cece Curkoska

    Cece Curkoska

    8 órája

    Beautiful beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  57. Shithravel Shuboshan

    Shithravel Shuboshan

    8 órája

    We want to know how is she God bless her pls pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  58. Janice Solski

    Janice Solski

    8 órája

    A beautiful voice and a beautiful woman. 💗

  59. Donna Teague

    Donna Teague

    8 órája

    Praying for you. ✝️💜🙏

  60. It's Me Jorge

    It's Me Jorge

    8 órája

    Now im listening again to this after announcing her withdrawal to the completion.... We failed as humans. . .

    • goku25jason Gohan

      goku25jason Gohan

      8 órája

      instead of billionaires sending themselves to Space maybe they should focus on saving what we have down here. The planet and its people.

  61. Bill Balleras

    Bill Balleras

    8 órája

    “I’m so much more than the bad things that happened to me.”

  62. Michael Berger

    Michael Berger

    8 órája

    No matter what happens in her cancer battle. In her final moments she can be at piece knowing she experienced heaven on earth and left something behind for all of us.

  63. Callin Garcia

    Callin Garcia

    9 órája

    Why don't judges ever commenting about how well written the original song is. Can we all appreciate (next to her stunning voice) what a well writte song this is. A person who can sing is one thing but when a singer can write as well, that's amazing. She is amazing. And a good performance as well. She really brought over the emotions ❤ I truly love this girl. Watched this video over a 1000 times. What an amazing artist singer songwriter and a wonderful beautiful human being She is ❤

    • Kelley Eidem

      Kelley Eidem

      5 órája

      Nightbirde is a wisdom machine. Every time she speaks or writes, it feels like she has wrapped her arms around our soul and hugged us.

  64. Jaxson Wages

    Jaxson Wages

    9 órája

    That would s so hart warming 😢❤️

  65. Steve Haines

    Steve Haines

    9 órája

    She is a bright light in a very dark world

  66. Felipe


    9 órája

    Nightbirde dropped out of AGT, as her disease has gotten worse. Let's pray for her.

  67. Donna S

    Donna S

    9 órája

    God Speed you beating all that’s delaying you living your best fight, you are loved by so many yet to hear you and once they do, will be amongst your support of prayers and love.

  68. rasconc


    9 órája

    She just announced she had to drop the competition to focus on her fight. She already won in my eyes. Keep fighting, Nightbirde. You’re inspiring.

  69. Artstrada Magazine

    Artstrada Magazine

    9 órája

  70. Danie B

    Danie B

    9 órája

    can we get this song as a single ?

  71. Carlalvaro


    9 órája

    Watching this again after hearing that she had to drop out because her condition worsened...prayers for you Jane.

  72. bryanhoratio


    9 órája

    I'm honestly really sad that she dropped out. I was excited to see her in the rounds to come, but I know dealing with her cancer is much more important.

  73. Keisha Keisha

    Keisha Keisha

    9 órája

    OMGGGGG. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. She blew me away. Had me teary eyed. Sad she came along. But definitely was worth it. She is sooo tough & inspirational. BEAUTIFUL beyond means. Who sings that song ITS OKAY?

  74. Kevin Tucker

    Kevin Tucker

    9 órája

    I am so saddened that she is not continuing her journey on AGT She is in prayers. I am asking that God’s healing power to come upon her right now in Jesus name amen

  75. Chris Mayo

    Chris Mayo

    10 órája

    Hitting the replay over and over and over and over. 😭😭😭

  76. Nasrou Ziadi alien.

    Nasrou Ziadi alien.

    10 órája

    I can't stop watching this✨❤️

  77. MrsSalvadorena503 Avalos

    MrsSalvadorena503 Avalos

    10 órája

    This is amazing congratulations!!!! We are all so proud you !!! This touched me !!! You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to be happy !!! God bless you and sending my prayers to you for your healing and restoration and recovery of your body and asking god to heal you inside and out and from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and asking god to cover you with his blood and heal you all over !! And to work a miracle on your body I ask this prayer in your name lord Jesus Amen

  78. lowbudget ethiopian

    lowbudget ethiopian

    10 órája

    I home Simon and crew do a special thing for her. I know she said she is getting tired. If they can facilitate a video recording done at her pace. If she can't appear in person for one reason or another.

  79. joa


    10 órája

    I'm here after the news that she had withdrawn from the competition due to her worsening health. 😔🍂 Prayers for you, Nightbirde! 🙏 Virtual hugs for now and thank you for being an inspiration to many people. ❤

  80. Roy Kabanlit

    Roy Kabanlit

    10 órája

    Great Song, great Voice, it's so sad to see this happen, especially to young People.

  81. Joe Husick

    Joe Husick

    10 órája

    8/2/2021 she drop out cause health is worse

  82. Chinkz


    10 órája

    This is absolutely perfect. God bless you sweetie, your energy is healing 😍❤️



    10 órája


  84. Anjorey Juachon

    Anjorey Juachon

    10 órája

    Its alright to be lost sometimes 😢

  85. Jessica Heinz

    Jessica Heinz

    11 órája

    ❤️ you I feel you🙏🏻

  86. Alexis Cheville

    Alexis Cheville

    11 órája

    Wow. She is just so peaceful and wholesome! Gonna miss you on this season. Praying for healing 🙏✨💓

  87. Wicked Paige

    Wicked Paige

    11 órája

    Just heard that she wont be able to continue in AGT because her health has gotten worse. 😭 We all pray that you get better soon Nightbirde. 🙏

  88. אבי נפש

    אבי נפש

    11 órája

    we pray that she will be really ok. she is amazing girl

  89. catherine oleary

    catherine oleary

    11 órája

    who’s here after finding out she had to withdrawal… that’s just tragic.

  90. Steffan Kristiansen

    Steffan Kristiansen

    11 órája

    She is so beautiful, what a voice and what a song!

  91. Andrea Roll

    Andrea Roll

    12 órája

    get well little bird

  92. Gunraj Singh

    Gunraj Singh

    12 órája

    I love how positive she is. God bless her!!

  93. marco rafael

    marco rafael

    12 órája

    she just drop off to concentrate on fighting her cancer, lets hope and pray she can win this fight and maybe next here come back just so we all keep enjoying her life strength and voice.

  94. Thomas LaPorte

    Thomas LaPorte

    12 órája

    So sad she just announced shes withdrawing from the competition as her cancer has gotten worse

  95. Elenor Doctolero

    Elenor Doctolero

    12 órája

    Just like my son born with esophageal atreasia my Doctor told me 5% of survival and we fought for him to live and he can't bear the pain anymore and I prayed to our God in his one month and 18 days he was deteriorated take him already its hurts me so much but its for the best.

  96. mavos1211


    12 órája

    Such a beautiful woman, I am astounded she was on her own for that audition! Where was her family and friends to share rhat precious moment?

  97. A Wild Rift Between Two Teams

    A Wild Rift Between Two Teams

    12 órája

    It's Okay

  98. HandleGlass


    12 órája

    So sad she had to pull out. I'm in tears she's beautiful inside and out❤

  99. P Dig

    P Dig

    12 órája

    To think she stood up there singing having cancer but was so sick at the same time, amazing ❤❤ This is a strong woman 💪