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A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
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If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
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  1. Candy Crusher

    Candy Crusher


    If singers had a group chat Demi: We're cool for the summer! Justin: Where are you now? Katy: We're chained to the rhythm Selena: I just wanna look good for you Justin: What do you mean? Selena: I'm so sick of that same old love Alessia: I'll be over here... Justin: Is it too late now to say sorry? Selena: It ain't me Troye: Only fools fall for you Bebe: I got you Ariana: FOCUS ON ME! Taylor: In your wildest dreams! Demi: What's wrong with being confident? MGK/Camila: I wanna do bad things to you BTS: Not Today! Adele: Hello... Drake: You used to call me on my cell phone The Weeknd: I only call you when it's half past 5 One Direction: But baby I'm perfect Alessia: You're beautiful just the way you are Ed Sheeran: I'm in the love with the shape of you Imagine Dragons: You made me a believer Troye: You drive me wild 5SOS: HEY EVERYBODY Walk the Moon: shut up... And dance with me. MAGIC!: Why you gotta be so rude? Melanie: They call you crybaby This took forever to come up with, I hope y'all enjoy ^.^

  2. Romana Novotná

    Romana Novotná

    12 perccel

    goosebumps !!!!

  3. FanCrush


    26 perccel

    Woow... a singer 🔥

  4. Sa Batoul

    Sa Batoul

    42 perccel

    its so hard to see a childhood idol suffering like that. I always remember demi as .... the smiling girl from camp rock. but never in a million years i thought she would be suffering that much. its so hard to watch this video...

  5. amelda sabrina

    amelda sabrina

    45 perccel

    here comes the conspiracy theories 🥲✋🏼

  6. Vanshika Jain

    Vanshika Jain

    47 perccel

    Who all want this song in lucifer season 5B👇👇👇

  7. luke flick

    luke flick


    Demi getting fat 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Archie Ilaguison

    Archie Ilaguison


    3:19 is it just me who thinks those girls are miley taylor and selena?

  9. Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos

    Antônio Lucas Araújo Vasconcelos



  10. Berkayyy



    "thats why you use autotune and i dont" lol you got owned af

  11. Mary Sophie Anderson

    Mary Sophie Anderson

    2 órája

    HOW IS THERE PEOPLE DISLIKING THISSS ?? yes, of course you don’t have to like the music but please show some respect bc Demi could’ve DIED that night!!! Just sad to see 16k people giving thumbs down when she’s literally re-acting her OVER DOSE :/

  12. Karla Stein

    Karla Stein

    2 órája

    She gets all my struggles... and no one talk about it... demi is helping a lot of people and showing the true pain of someone who deal w depresión ... you just wanna be numb of the pain

  13. Lewis Mcbride

    Lewis Mcbride

    2 órája

    I woke up like this once when they pulled my breathing tube out

  14. katie hind

    katie hind

    2 órája

    she looks so pretty ! we all need to apologise to her we all thought she was fine 🤍

  15. You Tube

    You Tube

    2 órája

    Literally cried seeing this.

  16. Lucia Isabel Roos

    Lucia Isabel Roos

    2 órája

    This must have been a hard music video to shoot for Demi

  17. Keira Powers

    Keira Powers

    2 órája

    Damn... ):

  18. Kiei Page

    Kiei Page

    3 órája

    I’m crying

  19. cindyxop _

    cindyxop _

    3 órája

    this is so facinating. I am also a victim of sexual assault and i know how hard it is, although she suffered from way worse experiences than me, but just watching this and speaking out is so important and helpful to others. There is no reason to be ashamed. These are literally the strongest and bravest people out there. Demi, thank you very much. This is a big step for you, but it´s great. Stay strong.

  20. Massimiliano Devola

    Massimiliano Devola

    3 órája

    I've never had these experiences... But I feel this song in my heart... And I'm crying...

  21. destiny Scott

    destiny Scott

    3 órája

    Thank you for this! It's my anthem.

  22. thescarletwitch


    4 órája

    obsessed with this song💘

  23. George Chidu

    George Chidu

    4 órája

    so her problem is drinking and taking to much drugs, some fucking problem to have mate, wish i had the same problems..



    4 órája

    Lol she thinks ODing will get her into heaven



    4 órája

    Demi something you taught me was is ok not to be perfect.

  26. Ribanskhem Kharrngi

    Ribanskhem Kharrngi

    4 órája

    Dancing with corona virus🦠

  27. DiamondCSGO


    4 órája

    I'm not into this sort of music but dam this paints a story for others and pave's a path for them to get help.

  28. Kung Fu One

    Kung Fu One

    4 órája


  29. karine georgia

    karine georgia

    4 órája

    Já fui viciada tô limpa a 2 anos sei.bem como é

  30. Santosh xalxo

    Santosh xalxo

    4 órája

    Amazing manhhh❤️

  31. Alice Englebarn

    Alice Englebarn

    5 órája


  32. SouLoveLee_


    5 órája

    "It’s just a little white line, I'll be fine" just shows you how people deliberately walk right into the drugs.. that’s something I’ll never understand..You see junkies on the street, you, especially in America, see what that can turn into with soooooo many people, why would you (talking to everybody who "experimented" with drugs" still say "hey, that’s a good idea"? You learn as children that drugs are no bueno.. I just don’t get it..The song itself however "harmonies, melody and vocals" are amazing

  33. יהודית אופק

    יהודית אופק

    5 órája

    גדולה מהחיים❤

  34. Makiah Melton

    Makiah Melton

    5 órája

    This made me cry, because I can feel her pain and struggles through the music and unlike some songs, she wrote this song for the pain that she went through. 😭😭

  35. ariana grande

    ariana grande

    6 órája

    These song deserve 1M likes.

  36. ImprovisaDinho !

    ImprovisaDinho !

    6 órája


  37. Desmariah Laureano

    Desmariah Laureano

    6 órája

    Thank you.

  38. Catherine Coleman

    Catherine Coleman

    6 órája

    Amazing! Moved back to my home state and this song just came on for the first time at the right time for me, for sure, THANK YOU to all the beloved human beings that write and sing about addictions, 💪❤️

  39. Sally Colb

    Sally Colb

    6 órája

    😥 ❤

  40. Camila Cuenca

    Camila Cuenca

    6 órája

    Today I love her more than yesterday ♥

  41. Lalah Bodiford

    Lalah Bodiford

    6 órája

    im glad this wasn’t like “montero” lol

    • Lalah Bodiford

      Lalah Bodiford

      6 órája

      it’s a catchy song but the video is a bit uh

  42. David xxx

    David xxx

    6 órája


  43. Priyamvada Tyagi

    Priyamvada Tyagi

    6 órája

    Wait...A question...At last she wears her green sweatshirt again...so does that mean that one cannot quit it easily...

  44. Samantha Dwyer

    Samantha Dwyer

    7 órája

    Wow! That was powerful

  45. er!ka :3

    er!ka :3

    7 órája

    omg she included the duffel bag... and made the guy look exactly like the guy who did it to her :/

  46. LimEj


    7 órája


  47. DC 21

    DC 21

    7 órája

    Yes..girl..acceptance...then solutions...thanks for voicing it.. we still want you Well and Healthy... Pls Dont dance with The devil no more..JESUS Loves You more than you know. 🙏🙏

  48. Jo DM

    Jo DM

    7 órája

    Cliché but you will never understand until it happens to you. You are helping a lot of people Demi, keep the faith. Praying you a happy life Demi.

  49. Diego Marin

    Diego Marin

    7 órája


  50. Nancy R.S

    Nancy R.S

    8 órája

    This song would have been perfect in the show lucifer!!

  51. Kae Jae

    Kae Jae

    8 órája

    your whole life style is dancing w the devil not just the drugs. need a lifestyle change

  52. Heather Allen

    Heather Allen

    8 órája

    My best friend took his life a week ago. I miss him so much

    • Queen B Memes

      Queen B Memes

      2 órája

      So sorry for your loss💔

  53. Andrew Wotherspoon

    Andrew Wotherspoon

    8 órája

    Demi Lovato is more amazing then I ever realised, this will speak volumes to so many people for so many years to come!

  54. Maria Paula Freitas

    Maria Paula Freitas

    9 órája

    Essa música significa tanta coisa.. só quem passou por isso sabe..

  55. zarela perla

    zarela perla

    9 órája


  56. Tirena Hewitt

    Tirena Hewitt

    9 órája

    I can feel her pain watching this

  57. Grizz Ruzzen

    Grizz Ruzzen

    9 órája

    the best

  58. Marcelle Nascimento

    Marcelle Nascimento

    9 órája

    That was too intense , I wish you all the best Demi, you deserve all the good in the world I Love You So Much ♡

  59. Patricia Camargo

    Patricia Camargo

    9 órája


  60. George J Rivera

    George J Rivera

    9 órája

    I cry and cry listening to this song. I just wanna be happy and sober

  61. Fernanda Sousa

    Fernanda Sousa

    10 órája

    I have a very big trigger watching this clip. but my pride in Demi is much greater. fly, my princess

  62. kait1n1


    10 órája

    Demi, I hope you know we still love you even through the bad times

  63. Chelsey Bernardelli

    Chelsey Bernardelli

    10 órája

    I'm actually crying. this is amazingly vulnerable.

  64. Chris Howerton

    Chris Howerton

    10 órája


  65. JM Fragata

    JM Fragata

    10 órája

    Why am I crying, I think it just that the lyrics and the emotion of that voice. I'm so proud and love you demi

  66. Giovana Rodrigues

    Giovana Rodrigues

    10 órája

    I hope survive too

  67. gabriela araujo

    gabriela araujo

    10 órája

    I'm sorry

  68. Pamela Karczewski

    Pamela Karczewski

    11 órája

    Demi is beautiful and a beautiful singer. My favorite part is her showing her self on a roller coaster .which is symbolic to where is normally having fun..but sometimes we struggle threw moments that we want to have fun but cant and that is deep .. i love her

  69. Makayla Jane Crockett

    Makayla Jane Crockett

    11 órája

    I'm only 21 and currently struggling with a 3 year herion addiction and this song is 100% on point with my life. Daily I dance with the devil. And it's no simple tango.



    11 órája

    this hits different after watching the documentary

  71. Persephone Inam

    Persephone Inam

    11 órája

    what an inspiration

  72. FrFrFr


    11 órája

    16 Milhões de views

  73. FrFrFr


    11 órája

    16 milion views

  74. Nina Stars

    Nina Stars

    11 órája

    Her struggles are one that every person knows someone with the same struggle, that has dealt with a loss of a loved one due to addiction, this will hit home for forever, this vulnerability she shares with us will help save lives and will open up the eyes for many who don't understand what addiction really is, now you can see the torment in ones mind and maybe they will stop judging and start helping 💕🙏may God fight this battle for her, we love you Demi.

  75. Shejomine Cobarte

    Shejomine Cobarte

    11 órája

    ILOVEYOU!💖 *Don't skip the ads💕

  76. Alene Houghton

    Alene Houghton

    11 órája

    Thank you for trusting us with this Demi, thank you for sharing this with us

  77. Ana Oliveira

    Ana Oliveira

    11 órája

    Her voice is on another level, and the lyrics... WOW

  78. Sarah Oliveira

    Sarah Oliveira

    12 órája

    machuca demais ouvir essa música, ver esse vídeo e saber que a demi passou por tudo isso, mesmo sendo uma fã distante aqui no Brasil eu queria poder apenas abraçar ela e falar ''cara, eu realmente tô contigo'' me doeu demais o documentário e esse clipe, foram as músicas dela que tiraram de uma depressão muito grande em 2011 e eu jamais esquecerei isso, eu realmente a vejo como minha inspiração

  79. Anna Silva

    Anna Silva

    12 órája

    👏👏 eu tiro o chapéu para essa mulher... I❤ Demi 😭

  80. Superstar *

    Superstar *

    12 órája

    I’m always loved her with her voice, since Disney Channel ❤️ i love her voice so much 💯 the song is damn beautiful 💔🥀💯

  81. Coolest Jedi

    Coolest Jedi

    12 órája

    Is the Devil a good guy?

  82. Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato

    12 órája

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how brave she is for telling her story.

  83. Pentawa


    12 órája

    Why didn't Poot help her???

  84. Cooger


    12 órája

    I think lil nas x took the title a bit too serious...

  85. Nana Somaga

    Nana Somaga

    12 órája

    Gente se tocou tanto em mim. Imagina para ela que já tem tudo. E meu maior sonho é tudo

  86. Josy Stay

    Josy Stay

    12 órája

  87. cheyenne


    12 órája

    This is so powerful and deep I love you so much queen your so strong

  88. Desiree Mixon

    Desiree Mixon

    12 órája

    This somg hits different when you're fighting your addiction

  89. Iki Zika

    Iki Zika

    13 órája

    I LOVE U DEMI 😻😻😻😻

  90. Christopher Spurlock

    Christopher Spurlock

    13 órája


  91. Christopher Spurlock

    Christopher Spurlock

    13 órája

    im stronger than him i will rescue you

  92. Amanda Luna

    Amanda Luna

    13 órája


  93. Joselyn Edith

    Joselyn Edith

    13 órája

    I love you bonita, always stay strong, life has high and low the point is to enjoy and learn from each stage...I love u

  94. Constanza Ojeda

    Constanza Ojeda

    13 órája


  95. Colleen Murphy

    Colleen Murphy

    13 órája

    Thank u demi...all I can say without sobbing..been here..thank u for putting it into such a beautiful song. I never listened to you before your u tube series..but it hit home like no tomorrow. Thank you for being you and putting the truth out there.

  96. Miss Olivia Vee

    Miss Olivia Vee

    13 órája

    This hit so hard. The tears flowed... Your pain is so deep and relevant to so many of our lives. We only have this life. Only ONE LIFE. 🤍

  97. Lyndzey Martin

    Lyndzey Martin

    13 órája

    This hits different because it’s true

  98. Denise Costa

    Denise Costa

    13 órája

    Awesome song and video. I hope you feel better and better each day.

  99. Alexia Walker élève

    Alexia Walker élève

    13 órája

    She is so strong that she ALMOST made it to heaven demi your a surviver

  100. Trey Sullivan

    Trey Sullivan

    14 órája

    I love you demi so proud. Of you